5 Pros and cons of owning a Bed and Breakfast

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There are pros and cons in managing a bed and breakfast. Even if you’re like Marco Montemagno says, you yourself are still paid to carry out tasks and keep your customers happy.

Why owning a bed and breakfast is exactly like having any other company? Because like every job, you get paid to do homework: cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and making people feel at home when they’re at home. Here are my five reasons to love being in the bed and breakfast business, as well as my five reasons that bother me the most

The 5 reasons why having a b & b is the maximum are:

You have control of your business – you can make it work the way you want

You can choose your program based on your personal needs and your financial requirements

You can deduct a portion of the operating and depreciation costs of your home on income taxes as business expenses

The only person who can “fire you” is your client. I’ve found that if you make a mistake and admit it in advance, customers will forgive you a lot.

This is your chance to create a money-generating outlet to do what you like best

The five reasons that do not make me particularly love the b & b (but in the end I do the same with great passion are)

If there’s a problem, it’s up to you to solve it – and you can only blame yourself

At the beginning you will not have income for long periods of time and when it arrives, it may not be very high

In general, a considerable investment of time and money is needed to make the bed and breakfast work

Increase your potential for financial and personal responsibility when people stay with you

You may feel isolated or only when you manage the business; this can make it difficult to be motivated sometimes. (Consult my suggestions to understand if opening a bed & breakfast may be suitable for your needs)

These are the things that I love the most and that at the same time I found more difficult to manage a bed & breakfast, depending on the size and the place and the services offered, each person will find different.


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