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The key points that a hotel owner has to decide for 2018

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As the year draws to a close, it is time for bed & breakfast owners to analyze the details minutely and make a plan for spending next year -2018. Having a pre-established plan will help people keep things stable for hoteliers, without the risk of having to last-minute repairs.

So, it’s time to address one of the most important questions for any b & b or hotel owner. What can hotel owners do differently to maximize revenue and increase profits? Let’s take a brief look.

Prioritize your hotel’s budget plan:

Before deciding where to deviate your hotel expenses for 2018, ask yourself these questions.

What is your main goal for next year?

What went well and what did not work for the current year?

Are you trying to improve your presence?

Do you want to acquire new properties?

Are direct revenues your main concern?

These and many of these questions will help you better plan the budget for your hotel or hotel. The year in advance: the owners of the hotel will have to concentrate in 2018.

Automation, if you have not already done so

The budget plan of a hotel must include the implementation of the technology. Often, owners of small and medium-sized properties are in constant debate about the use of property management systems (PMS) for their daily activities. The implementation of PMS is necessary regardless of the number of rooms or properties. Automation is the key and the way forward. The automation of activities such as reservations, daily checks, accounting, cleaning, front desk operations and more helps to improve staff efficiency without leaving room for errors. With the information available at your fingertips, the technology helps to bring the data together and makes it easier to interpret the same turns. Revenue management becomes a much simpler task once you have the right property management system in place. You can connect with multiple online travel agencies, increase sales and focus on customer satisfaction for the year 2018. Opt for a monthly plan for a cloud-based property management system – this keeps your data protected without weighing you down. budget plan hotel. These are the best bets of every hotel owner to simplify the operations of a hotel in the next year.

Digital strategy
Be aware of your business goal before finalizing your digital strategy. You need to look at your current and previous performance before moving forward. The budget of a hotel for 2018 must include plans to broaden the scope with a valid digital strategy. Be aware of current trends and those expected in the near future. There must be a focus on being present where your audience is likely to interact with your online brand. A glance at your current data will provide a complete understanding on planning a new year’s roadmap. Analyzing posts on social media, e-mailers, blogs, event updates and other online engagement patterns should help you plan a budget to focus on different channels in 2018.
The distribution of a marketing budget can be a difficult element as you need to consider revenue projections, commissions and the involvement of online travel agencies (OTA), digital strategy and much more. Search engine optimization, content marketing (using unique content to rank higher), pay-per-click campaigns and other action plans must be in place. Focus on which areas are more likely to get more return on investment and plan your hotel’s budget accordingly.

How to manage the bed and breakfast?

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One of the key qualities to have in order to manage a bed & breakfast in an appropriate way is surely the awareness in balancing all the aspects and the efforts that such a structure involves.

Steven Covey, the author of “7 habits that efficient people have” has created a video called “first things first” that shows how human beings need to have a general framework before they can choose what to prioritize. Personally I had to learn by myself what he meant, all while managing this bed & breakfast. I have always wanted a b & b with a few rooms, because I thought I would be able to do everything myself. After the second year of activity, I got sick and could not do everything, this was the moment that made me understand something “First the important things, then the urgent ones” This means giving priority to things that require time and dedication, urgent things are usually small and are done in a short time, important things first of all.

After understanding this fundamental principle, I had to revise the hotel structure and I asked myself “Why did I open Thea Monza?” I knew that one of the reasons was to provide a place to sleep at the right price in a refined setting. So I learned to delegate and I returned to the base of what I like. I love cooking and a bed & breakfast must offer a typical breakfast, which can be remembered, I also work with marketing actions, especially writing in other languages for companies that need to let their employees stay. Now I’ve hired someone who helps me do all this. It was not easy to find the right person to rely on, but I have to say it was a big hand.

Did I do well to make this choice? Other hotel owners and hotels say that spending 20% of my income on another person may not be an appropriate choice. However, what I always say is that an owner who welcomes his guests and offers a good impression is certainly better than a slightly sickly owner who tries to do everything on his own

Helping people to focus on what is really important is fundamental to the success of a company, so it is important to equip ourselves with resources to compete with other structures on the national territory in the long term. To understand if you are ready psychologically to face the commitment of a bed & breakfast, read my other article on six b & b is the right choice for you

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Make sure that a B & B is the right choice

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Owning a bed and breakfast allows you to have a great lifestyle, but only if you are prepared to face the challenge in the right way. Having realistic expectations will open the way for a happier experience, both for you and your guests. Here are 5 questions you should bring before deciding whether to open a b & b.

Why do you want to own a bed and breakfast?

Do you want to do it because you love cooking, decorating and meeting people? Or why, are you retired and do not know what to do? Or because you want to become an entrepreneur and you want to launch in the hospitality industry.
These questions do not preclude the fun or the profit of your structure, but they certainly affect the services that a b & b can offer. However, your answer will determine how you will judge if your B & B is “successful”.

What will look like for you?

Can you count success for the number of people you have with you? The number of beautiful reviews of the guests you receive? The amount of revenue generated?
Success can not be all of these things. But having a clear idea of how you measure success will help you understand what you need to do, what to focus on and what to quantify when you need to do your calculations at the end of the year – rather than depending on your “instinct”. It will also help you stay online and identify where you need help if things are not going as planned.

How much money do you need to make?

A number of new bed and breakfast owners start by saying that if they review their B & B running costs and have fun while they do it and it will be worth it. Others want to be able to make a living by transforming their home. Some people need to supplement their current income or a pension.

In most places, to be classified as a bed and breakfast, the owner must live on site and it is limited to the number of rooms that can be had. You will have to face higher costs for things like advertising, insurance and public utility services Depending on how you choose to run the B & B, you could be technically on duty 24 hours a day – and in high season, 7 days a week. You have the guarantee of having to work on weekends and holidays, when most of your family will be out of work. Evaluate the costs well, to keep a bed & breakfast you need more than you think.

What kind of personal support do you need for this project?

Having family and friends support makes it much easier to own a bed and breakfast. Getting their consent to your idea will help you a lot – from having a shoulder to cry when you have to face difficult customers, to word of mouth, when they tell their friends that you have a b & b.

Are you ready to be a self-employed?

If you’ve never been a self-employed before, it’s a shock to discover all the ways in which having a bed and breakfast affects your finances.
You must understand that you will be responsible for making all the decisions and managing the results. Not everyone is comfortable making decisions. Moreover, without an employer guaranteeing wage control, obtaining credit coverage becomes much more difficult and more expensive.
It is important to be honest with yourself about why you want to own a bed and breakfast. This type of activity has a big impact on your personal life and your finances. Clarity around your expectations will help you focus on things that will give you satisfaction at the end of the day, and will also make guests happier.